Big Shippa da Month Collection

I am outright stealing photos from friends who are participating in Kevin’s Shippa da Month Challenge to show off what other people are doing. Scott Abbot is another fan of anything Civil War related – he is an amazing painter and scratch builder. I particularly love the detail he put into the decks of the ironclads – it gives the impression of long-time wear and tear on the surfaces of the ships, adding additional realism to his models. These ships are all 1/600 scale models and represent his contributions over the past two months. We are all looking forward to getting together to get these on the table for a grand melee!

USS Choctaw – September – Thoroughbred

USS Sandusky – September/October – Peter Pig

USS Indianola – September/October – Thoroughbred

USS Dictator – September/October – Thoroughbred

The next ships are from Kevin Smyth’s collection and, unlike both Scott and my collections, these are the ships that he painted in October alone! Kevin is a prodigious painter and his fleets look amazing once assembled on the waves. These are 1/1250 scale ships and are for the Spanish American War – typical for Kevin, these are for an unusual conflict because doing the same old stuff is boring. He will likely have every possible ship available for the actual ship actions and for “What if” scenarios. I particularly like the lighter colors available to these fleets.

The first two are the armed yachts Vixen and Gloucester.  They are War Times Journal models.  They were at the Battle of Santiago and destroyed the two Spanish destroyers that fled the harbor after the Spanish cruisers.

And look here are those Spanish destroyers–Pluton and Furor.  These are also nice miniatures by Brown Water Navy. 

This is Numancia, built in the 1870’s as an ironclad frigate, but had been modernized and was in service during the Spanish American war, also Brown Water Navy models.

Finally, these are the Reina Cristina (three masts), and Lepanto.  Reina Cristina was an unprotected cruiser at Manila Bay and was sunk.  Lepanto is one of protected cruisers that was not in action and survived the war. Both are Wartimes Journal ships.

As you can see, there are far more options available out there than the usual WWII fleets. If only the COVID zombie apocalypse would subside!

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