HMGS Legion of Honor and the Scruby Award

In 1989, Historical Miniature Gaming Society (HMGS) members created the Legion of Honor, an organization that recognized contributing individuals to the hobby of historical miniature wargaming. Since that time, the Legion of Honor has added members in an ad-hoc fashion until 1995, where a large batch were inducted. Since then, it has inducted two members per year. Here’s the list of Legion of Honor members to date:

Legion of Honor Members

Year Inducted First Name Last NameDate of Passing
1989 Don Featherstone9/2/13
1991 Richard Bryant
1993 Pat Condray4/2/15
1995 Scott Bowden
1995 Frank Chadwick
1995 Bob Coggins7/30/14
1995 Todd Fisher
1995 James Getz
1995 Johnson HoodPassed
1995 Ed Mohrmann
1995 Duke Seifried9/29/18
1995 Wally Simons5/30/05
1995 Dick Sossi
1995 Charlie SweetPassed
1997 Phil Barker
1997 Jay Hadley3/12/15
1998 Larry BromPassed
1998 Leo Cronin8/6/21
1999 Greg Novak
1999 Hal Thinglum
2000 Duncan Macfarlane5/27/21
2000 Craig TaylorPassed
2001 Arty Conliffe
2001 Peter Panzeri
2002 John Hill9/26/15
2002 David Waxtel
2003 Bob Beattie
2003 Russell Dunaway
2004 Fred Hubig
2004 Greg Scott
2005 Bill Harting
2005 Richard Hasenauer
2006 Jim Birdseye
2006 Wilbur Gray
2007 Glenn Kidd
2007 Bill Rutherford
2008 Bob Giglio
2008 Jean Lochet
2009 Donald Perrin
2009 Philip Viverito
2010 Matt Delamater
2010 Buck Surdu
2011 Christopher Duffy
2011 Scott Mingus
2012 John-Paul Brisigotti
2012 Michael Koznarsky
2013 Heather Blush
2013 Tod Kershner
2014 William Moreno
2014 Dean West
2015 Barry Hilton
2015 John Stallard
2016 Alan Perry
2016 Michael Perry
2017 Scott Fisher
2017 Howard Whitehouse
2018 Richard Borg
2018 Richard Clark

The Legion of Honor, every two years, chooses the winner of the Scruby Award. It is an award recognizing extreme efforts by the individual and the value of the individual to the hobby of historical miniature wargaming.The winners are:

Scruby Award Winners

Scruby First Name Last Name
1989 Donald Featherstone
1991 Richard Bryant
1993 Pat Condray
1995 Bruce “Uncle Duke” Seifried
1997 Phil Barker
1999 Robert Coggins
2001 Frank Chadwick
2003 Jay Hadley
2005 Hal Thinglum
2007 Scott Bowden
2009 Todd Fisher
2011 Russell Dunaway
2013 Bob Giglio
2015 Arty Conliffe
2017 Alan Perry
2017 Michael Perry

Legion Officers

To keep the Legion of Honor running, there are two positions within the organization. The first is the Commandant. He is usually the oldest surviving member of the Legion of Honor, and has the duties of being the figurative lead of the Legion.  The second is the Adjutant. He is usually a member recruited by the last Adjutant, to serve a four-year term. His or her duties are to administer the functions of the Legion of Honor, especially to maintain the Legion Bylaws, and to conduct the voting inof new members and voting for the next Scruby Award. Those who have held these positions are:


Year First Name Last Name
1995-2013 Donald Featherstone
2013-2018 Bruce “Uncle Duke” Seifried
2018-Present Richard Bryant


Year First Name Last Name
1997-2001 Greg Novak
2001-2005 Frank Chadwick
2005-2009 Wilbur Gray
2009-2012 Donald Perrin
2012-2019 Michael Koznarsky

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