Operation Hamlet

Current day: US forces have been tasked to enter a local Afghan village to check on the local leader’s claim that he supports the anti-terrorist factions. The situation has not seem right recently, so “Operation Hamlet” was organized because “Something is rotten… in Denmark.” The rules provide the US with very good firepower (d8); the Taliban are very poor shots (d6) but with fanatic morale (d12). On to the mission!

The end of the game! The US squads converged on the Taliban units in the Town Elder’s square. With the units on the hill too far away to help and under assault by US artillery fire and without any way to escape the assault, the Taliban units in black would eventually be destroyed by the combined fire of the three US squads. Only those units that could run away on the ridge and those in the red circle would likely be able to retreat. For the cost of three wounded figures, the US wiped out 67% of the local terrorist forces. The Town Elder clearly had abandoned the village and foolishly joined the Taliban. The verdict is a decisive US victory!

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