Ship of da Month – August 2020

Continuing to support the “I need to decrease the number of unpainted ships in my collection” I painted up the CSS Gaines in August. I also continued to support the “I need to get more ships even though I haven’t painted everything in my collection” plan of action by buying more Thoroughbred ships this month, as well. In my defense, I purchased wooden ships to augment the ironclads that make up most of my ships.

Building and painting this ship was a straightforward affair – as usual, everything fit nicely though, to make allowances for the primer, I had to file down the sides of the central superstructure just a little bit. I did try to use some different colors for this ship though the colorful blue and red on the sidewheels did not look right so I changed it to blue and ochre. I used a Chestnut combination to paint the base of the sidewheels and was pleased with those colors in combination on the sides of the ship. Next month, I will try something completely different for the next wooden ship I paint.

In the end I was quite happy with the color combinations and the finished miniature. I even painted up a single gun shore battery that Toby from Thoroughbred included for free in my purchase though, for the life of me, I cannot find the photo I took of it! I will continue to paint up ACW ships until they all are ready to sail onto the gaming table.

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