Ship of da Month – September 2020

By Michael Koznarsky

I had the pleasure of giving my daughter away at her wedding over the weekend with the added bonus of getting to babysit my grandson while they go on their honeymoon. It does mean that I will be in Indiana for almost the entire month of September so had to think quick and fast so that I could continue to support the SodM project. An ACW ship would not travel well across three time zones so I decided to cheat and paint it when I painted last month’s ship.

TS33B Gunboat – Civilian “Purchased” Screw Steamer

Like the previous months, I am trying to expand the number of wooden ships in my fleets. I tried to use a completely different color scheme for this ship, just to be different and I was pleased with the ship. I purposely did not place a permanent flag in the rear of the ship so I could use the US and CS flags supplied with the miniature. The Thoroughbred models in my collection continue to grow!

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