Shippa da Month Club – October and November 2020

Kevin Smyth has been an incredible mover and shaker during the COVID crisis, working to keep everyone’s spirits up by posting pictures of his prodigious painting projects, encouraging others to keep painting with his 100 figure challenge and the “Shippa da Month Club” project. These ships are my contribution to supporting his self-imposed challenge and get our ACW ship collections completely painted. If anyone is interested to see what Kevin is up to now, please check out his blog at:

In the course of supporting this project, I uncovered a series of boxes that had Thoroughbred ships in them. The neat surprise was that I found I had already painted two of them! And, because I am have the normal wargamer mentality, I was not content with the four unpainted ships in collection so had to buy a half dozen more, as displayed since August 2020. The style of ACW ship that prompted me to make this purchase was Kevin’s timberclad Federal ship in a game we played at George Kettler’s house. These ships just look American Civil Warish so I had to have one of each that Toby at Thoroughbred makes.

My contribution to the October SdM is Thoroughbred’s TS68 Timberclad (USS Conestoga or Tyler).

November’s entry is the second of the Thoroughbred Timberclads, TS68B USS Lexington.

I was particularly pleased with the color scheme of the of the first ship (Foundry 116). The lighter shade of brown was the color I was looking to get for these ships. The Lexington was painted with Foundry 115. As an aside, I hope it is not a crime to have painted these ships with 115 Rich Butternut and 116 Drab Butternut – Union ships in Confederate colors? Yikes!

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